Auto Leasing vs. Buying a Car

With a Lease, You Can Usually...

· Drive a new car without a big down payment. 
· Get a bigger, better-equipped car than you could afford to purchase. 
· Enjoy a new car every few years. 
· Only pay for the portion of the car's life you use. 
· Receive tax benefits if used for business (depending on the lease, and state and tax laws). 
· Invest any savings in appreciating assets (such as stocks, bonds, etc.). 
· Spread applicable sales tax across monthly payments (varies by state). 
· Enjoy the options to buy, lease another vehicle, or explore other choices at lease end, all without having to haggle over the value of trading it in. (Note: There may be end-of-lease costs for excess mileage, wear-and-use, and early termination.)  

With a Purchase, You Can Typically...

· Build equity. 
· Drive as many miles as you want. (Some leases limit the amount of miles you can drive)
· Travel with messy kids, pets, over gravel roads, and drive into ding and dent-prone parking lots without worrying about wear and use charges. 
· Carry lower limits for auto insurance. See your insurer for actual quotes.
(Note: While purchased vehicles typically carry lower insurance limits, some lenders automatically include "Gap protection" for leased vehicles.) 
· Sell, trade, or transfer title whenever you want (subject to loan requirements). 
· Paying Cash vs. Financing
(Note: Attractive financing offers are available from time to time. Consider the value of money in the bank vs paying for a vehicle in full.)

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